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Actionable Strategies to Build
Students’ Sense of Belonging


Welcome to our course, "Actionable Strategies to Build Students' Sense of Belonging."

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Mindset Matters- Sense of Belonging

What you will learn:

  • Explore the definition of belonging as the extent to which students feel that they are valued members of their school’s community
  • Watch short, impactful clips from Panorama’s virtual workshops to empower you and your team with the mindsets, skills, and strategies to cultivate students’ sense of belonging
  • Access ready-made templates and resources to try out with your students or share with your school or district team

Best for learners who are:

  • SEL Interventionists 
  • Teachers 
  • Counselors
  • Director of Social-Emotional Learning
  • Director of Student Services
  • Director of Counseling
  • Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Course Details

Course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

9 lessons, 9 videos, 9 practice activities, and 5 quiz questions.

Receive a certificate of completion once you complete all modules of the "Actionable Strategies to Build Students' Sense of Belonging" course.

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Panorama Instructors



Becky Barstein (She/Hers) 

Community Learning Events 

Celie Rodman (She/Hers)

Sr. Professional Learning Manager

Aida Conroy (She/Hers)

Professional Learning Manager

Demetrius Lancaster (He/His)

Professional Learning Lead, Equity


Available Lessons

Belonging Lessons